Ep. 60 US Department of State Re-issues the October Visa Bulletin: "What can I do?"

  • On September 25th, the United States Department of State made some additional changes to the October 2015 visa bulletin. This essentially replaces the September 9 announcement.
  • It includes new and earlier date of filing cutoffs.
  • It is hard to say what caused them to reissue, but it can be assumed that they might be overwhelmed with the workload if they follow the earlier chart.
  • You should be prepared with your applications, get documents organized, as Department of State may continue to make changes on a weekly or a monthly basis.
  • Keep monitoring the visa bulletin.

Raw Transcript:

Jacob: Hello everybody, this is Jacob Sapochnick. You ask, we answer, simple. The My Immigration Lawyer Podcast.

Today, I wanted to update our listeners about the breaking news a couple of days ago. The US Department of State reissues the October visa bulletin and everybody’s wondering what’s going to happen now. Read more

Ep. 59 October Visa Bulletin and Changes Allows Much Earlier I-485 AOS Filings: How does it work?

  • Starting on October 2015 visa bulletin will have a new separate cut-off date chart for finding adjustment of status cases.
  • Having this dual chart will have several purposes.
  • This is an advantage to those who are working for the same employer for years.

Raw Transcript:

Jacob: Hello everybody and welcome to Ask an Immigration Lawyer Podcast. You ask, we answer, simple. This is your host, Jacob Sapochnick.

Today I wanted to answer and explain the changes, the amazing changes that were announced last week about the October 2015 visa bulletin which will allow an earlier filing of adjustment of status applications known as the 45. This is a change that, I believe, we have not seen in more than 40 years. Read more

Ep. 48 What is the Visa Bulletin and How to Use it?

  • Visa Bulletin provides valuable information on the immigrant visa number’s availability; both the family and employment side.
  • It has priority dates and cut-off dates.
  • The State Department publishes a monthly waiting list based on the applicant’s priority dates.

Raw Transcript:

Jacob: Hello everybody, welcome to Ask an Immigration Lawyer. You ask, we answer, simple. This is your host, Jacob Sapochnick.

I’ve been getting a lot of emails and inquiries about the Visa Bulletin. People ask me questions what it is and how does it work. Read more