Ep. 67 How To Pass A Marriage Interview

Green card marriage interview usually takes place three to four months after the green card application is filed. Some things you need to know/prepare for the interview. Common questions asked. Raw Trascript: Jacob: Hello everybody, this is Jacob Sapochnick, the host of Ask an Immigration Lawyer podcast. Welcome to the show. Today I’m going to Read More

Ep. 65 Is the Fiancé Visa a Safe Visa?

The San Bernardino gunwoman came to the US on a fiancé visa. Is the fiancé visa safe? Applying a K-1 visa is a very rigorous and complicated process — too many things they have to go and disclose — for a terrorist to use to enter the US. It is much easier for them to Read More

Ep. 43 What to expect at the Stokes Immigration Interview?

Before an important benefit is given to a foreign national due to marriage to a US citizen, it is the USCS’s responsibility to make sure that the marriage is real. A stokes interview is where the couple will be interviewed for the second time but this time separately. This is done when the couple fails Read More

Ep. 37 What is a Fiance Visa (K1) and what are the requirements to apply?

Only a US citizen, not a green card holder, can file a fiancé visa You have to be married within 90 days upon arrival. If not, the foreign national must depart US Both parties must be free to marry throughout the whole process Physical meeting is crucial, however, there are exemptions. Provide proof of relationship Read More

Ep. 30 Married a Different Petitioner on a K1 Fiance visa, can I still get my Green Card inside the US?

K-1 Fiancé visa is designed to marry the original US citizen petitioner It will not be possible to proceed with an adjustment of status from inside the US, it has to go through the US Embassy in your country Raw Transcript: Jacob: Hello everybody, this is Jacob Sapochnick and welcome to another episode of Ask Read More

Ep. 21 Overstayed visa and now married to an American Citizen. Can She Still Get Green Card?

Overstayed visa and now married to a US citizen. Can she still get a green card? Despite overstaying visa, someone who is married to a US citizen may be able to legalize his/her status. The key is the proper inspection at the port of entry Any criminal offense or fraud may subject to bars Raw Read More

Ep. 7 Consequences of Getting Into a Sham/Paid Marriage

Raw Transcript: Introduction: You ask we answer your immigration questions. Simple. And now your host immigration lawyer Jacob Sapochnick. Jacob: This question is actually coming from San Diego, California and Roberta is asking what is the penalty, what are the consequences of a US citizen who marries a foreign national if it’s a sham marriage? Read More