Ep. 69 Tips When Applying for H-1B Visa

H1B nonimmigrant visa petition may be filed starting April 1st 2016. LCA cannot be submitted earlier than six months and therefore you must put the starting date on the LCA before October 1st, 2016. Regarding US degrees, one must submit proof by way of an official of the school: dean, registrar, etc. There are regulations Read More

Ep. 65 Is the Fiancé Visa a Safe Visa?

The San Bernardino gunwoman came to the US on a fiancé visa. Is the fiancé visa safe? Applying a K-1 visa is a very rigorous and complicated process — too many things they have to go and disclose — for a terrorist to use to enter the US. It is much easier for them to Read More

Ep. 62 Can you leave the country while status of application is pending?

When you come to the US as a visitor, or a student, or on a work visa, sometimes you will need to change your status. Can you leave the country while status of application is pending? If you leave, it will actually result in the abandonment of the application. Raw Transcript: Jacob: Hello everybody, this Read More

Ep. 60 US Department of State Re-issues the October Visa Bulletin: "What can I do?"

On September 25th, the United States Department of State made some additional changes to the October 2015 visa bulletin. This essentially replaces the September 9 announcement. It includes new and earlier date of filing cutoffs. It is hard to say what caused them to reissue, but it can be assumed that they might be overwhelmed Read More

Ep. 59 October Visa Bulletin and Changes Allows Much Earlier I-485 AOS Filings: How does it work?

Starting on October 2015 visa bulletin will have a new separate cut-off date chart for finding adjustment of status cases. Having this dual chart will have several purposes. This is an advantage to those who are working for the same employer for years. Raw Transcript: Jacob: Hello everybody and welcome to Ask an Immigration Lawyer Read More

Ep. 58 How can I get tourist visa if there are battery charges against me?

Criminal cases are big issue for visa approval. It will factor whether you get approved for a visa or not. Frequency and the recency of the crime will factor greatly – up to 5 years preceding when applying a visa. When applying, a proof that you have changed your ways, good moral character can be Read More

Ep. 56 What is The 2-Year Rule on a J-1 Visa?

J-1 visa holders are required to go to their home country for 2 years after the program. You have to either comply or get a waiver, if not, the requirement will stay with you forever. It also applies even if one marries a US citizen. Raw Transcript: Jacob: You ask, we answer, simple. Ask an Read More

Ep. 50 How to Apply for Green Card from Student Visa?

F visa holder must know that when you apply for a green card you may lose the chance of renewing your F1. The length of a green card process can take two or more years. This process will not allow you a right to stay in the US. Until you can get to the adjustment Read More

Ep. 48 What is the Visa Bulletin and How to Use it?

Visa Bulletin provides valuable information on the immigrant visa number’s availability; both the family and employment side. It has priority dates and cut-off dates. The State Department publishes a monthly waiting list based on the applicant’s priority dates. Raw Transcript: Jacob: Hello everybody, welcome to Ask an Immigration Lawyer. You ask, we answer, simple. This Read More

Ep. 47 What Is The Difference Between The L and E Visas

L visa is a known immigrant visa. L status visa holders can file for green cards without losing their L status. L visas can bring their family members. They can come on L2 visa. It allows the primary holder of the visa to bring employees to US who are working for the same company abroad. Read More