Ep. 31 What are the Best Ways to Get a Green Card to Live & Work in the US?

  • Five most common ways of getting a green card
  • Family sponsorship. If it’s not an immediate relative you must wait in line with what is called as the priority date
  • Green card lottery. If you win it, it’s free.
  • Sponsorship by an employer
  • Investing in the EB-5 program
  • For asylum or refugees

Raw Transcript:

Introduction: You ask we answer your immigration questions. Simple. And now your host immigration lawyer Jacob Sapochnick.

Jacob: Hello everybody, this is Jacob Sapochnick. You’re listening to Ask An Immigration Lawyer Podcast.

Today we have an exciting question from Jorge who is sending us this question from Texas. The question is what are the most common ways to get a green card in the United States today? This is a great question because everybody wants to know how to get a green card, what are the most common ways. So let’s start with the more obvious one.
So number one is getting a green card through a family sponsorship where you have an immediate family member, like a spouse or a child, over the age of 21. And also through not immediate family like siblings, brothers and sisters, who can also petition for you. Read more