Ep. 24 Who can apply for a California Driver’s License under AB 60 and what is the process?

  • Beginning of January 2, 2015 any eligible person – a California resident – will be eligible to receive a driving license regardless of immigration status
  • DMV released a list of documents that will be accepted to prove identity
  • You need to establish California residency; key is to prove identity and residency

Raw Transcript:

Jacob: Hello everybody this is Jacob Sapochnick with Ask An Immigration Lawyer Podcast. Welcome to the show.

Today we have a very common question we’ve been getting in the past few weeks, since the beginning of the year. And the question is can I apply for a California driving license now under AB60 even though I’m not legally authorized to be here in the US. The AB60 law has been anticipated for months now. In fact since beginning of 2014 when they announced that they will pass this it’s been very exciting. So what is it? Read more