Ep. 40 Time for Citizenship: How many years after obtaining a Green Card can one apply for Citizenship?

  • How a person got his permanent residency is important
  • If one is still married with the US citizen, one can apply for a citizenship after three years. However, if one is divorced to the US citizen, one can only apply after five years since the date of one’s green card.
  • But any other form – except being married to a US citizen – i.e. green card through employment, you have to wait five years.

Raw Transcript:

Jacob: Hello everybody, this is Jacob with Ask an Immigration Lawyer Podcast – you ask, we answer, simple.

Today’s question is from our Facebook page and it’s from Tony. Tony is asking, “I’m a green card holder. I’ve been a green card holder for the past 10 years. How many years do I need to wait from the moment I got my green card to the moment where I can file for my US citizenship?” Well, that’s a great question. Read more