Ep. 58 How can I get tourist visa if there are battery charges against me?

  • Criminal cases are big issue for visa approval.
  • It will factor whether you get approved for a visa or not.
  • Frequency and the recency of the crime will factor greatly – up to 5 years preceding when applying a visa.
  • When applying, a proof that you have changed your ways, good moral character can be submitted, but it will not guarantee for a visa approval.
  • Another way is the 212(d)(3) Nonimmigrant Waiver

Raw Transcript:

Introduction: You ask, we answer your immigration questions. Simple. Now your host immigration lawyer, Jacob Sapochnick.

Jacob: You ask, we answer. Ask an immigration lawyer. Thank you and welcome to another episode of Ask an Immigration Lawyer.

Today, I got a response to a direct email from Simon. Simon is in the UK. Simon is writing, “I live in the UK. Unfortunately I got two common assault battery charges in 2011 while trying to defend my mother and family. Read more