Ep. 43 What to expect at the Stokes Immigration Interview?

  • Before an important benefit is given to a foreign national due to marriage to a US citizen, it is the USCS’s responsibility to make sure that the marriage is real.
  • A stokes interview is where the couple will be interviewed for the second time but this time separately. This is done when the couple fails to convince the USCS that the marriage is real on the first interview. A step in which is more complicated and better to be avoided.

Raw Transcript:

Jacob: Hello everybody, this is Jacob Sapochnick – another episode of Ask An Immigration Lawyer. You ask, we answer, simple. This is a podcast where you send email us questions on Facebook page – even directly – or we get them for our chats.

Today’s question is coming from Jenny in Phoenix, Arizona.

The question is why do immigration officer separate couples at a marriage interview and what is a stokes interview also known as a second interview? That’s a good question. Read more