Ep. 32 H-1B Portability Rule & H1-B Transfer: I am an H1B holder and just found a new job, when can I start working for my new employer?

  • As soon as you find an employer, and they’re actually going to file the case, even before approval you can start working for that employer.
  • 21st Century Act allows an immigrant to begin working for a new H1B employer as soon as that new employer files a petition

Raw Transcript:

Introduction: You ask we answer your immigration questions, simple. And now your host immigration lawyer Jacob Sapochnick.

Jacob: Hello everybody, welcome to another episode of Ask An Immigration Lawyer.

In this episode we’re going to be talking about H1B visa probability. This question comes from Jeff and Jeff is in California. He’s asking I am an H1B visa holder. At this point been working for my employer for two years now and I found a great job right now and I would like to transfer to the job. But the employer’s asking how soon can I start working for the new employer after filing the new visa? Excellent. That’s a great question and a source of confusion for many, many H1B holder. Read more