Ep. 42 What is the H1B Visa Lottery Process and how does it work?

  • Typically, there are more applications filed for the available so there is a need for a lottery.
  • There is no exact breakdown of applications received but it should be available towards end of month.
  • It is a real lottery, so educational background or how much is paid for premium processing, will not change chances in the lottery.

Raw Transcript:

Hello everybody. This is Jacob here. You ask, we answer. Simple. Thanks for tuning in to our podcast. A lot of questions came in last week. A lot of them about the H-1B visa process. As you know, April 6 today, when I’m doing this show, we are just a day before the final day we can file under the lottery, before the lottery starts, and people are asking me… “How does this H-1B lottery work. What is this lottery all about?” Read more