Ep. 12 Executive Action On Immigration

Raw Transcript:

Introduction: You ask we answer your immigration questions. Simple. And now your host immigration lawyer Jacob Sapochnick.

Jacob: Hello everybody, this is Atty. Jacob Sapochnick. Just want to record this quick video about the new executive order announced yesterday, November 20th, by President Obama. I wanted to get the first video out. I’m going to do a more detailed series about this issue.

But essentially what happened is that Obama released this order that’s going to do a few things. First of all it expanded the current deferred action for young childhood arrivals to people that were born even before 1981 which means that people that are in the 30’s, 40’s. The key is as long as they came here before the age of 16 they’re going to be qualified and, of course, all the other provisions of DACA.

The other thing is parents of children who are US citizens or a permanent residence are going to be able to also stay in the country as long as they’ve been here for five years or more. They can then show and justify the residency requirement. In addition to that they increase the … expanded the eligibility of the provisional waiver, the waiver that … the 601A waiver currently only eligible for spouses of US citizen, that one has been expanded to more eligible relatives which is amazing because those people can now get the waiver in the country before they depart.

Finally in the business side there’s going to be some changes in the H1B visa, H4 visa … workers. Spouses could work. Those are things they are working … We don’t have [inaudible 00:01:55] yet but this is going to be some help in the visa bulletin as well so we’re excited about that too. Again, nothing has been effective yet. So it’s going take about 90 days to get this done. So you cannot use it now.

So, again, this is just the first video in the series. I’m going to do definitely many more to update our listeners. So thanks for watching and I’ll keep posting some more videos. Thank you.

Closing: Thank you for listening to the Ask My Immigration Lawyer Podcast, the show that’s dedicated to answering your immigration questions. Simple as that. See you next week for another round of questions and much needed answers.