Ep. 23 Why was my tourist Visa denied based on Section 214(b)?

  • A tourist visa may be denied for lack of ties to home country
  • A person may not show any reason of returning back to the home country
  • Applicant may reapply especially if consular officer is not giving applicant a fair chance
  • Otherwise, applicant may want to wait for another six months before reapplying

Raw Transcript:

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Today’s question is coming through email. This person is from France. The question is I applied for a tourist visa, a regular B-2 visa and I was denied and no specific reason. Except from just one answer stating that I was denied based on Section 214B. What is this and how can I rehabilitate this application?

Well, this is a very common reason for denial of a tourist visa. Section 214B of the Immigration Nationality Act is talking about lack of ties; lack of ties to your home country. So it could be a person that … not working enough or doesn’t have enough money to show or reason why they’re going to return to the home country. So it’s a very common and general reason. They don’t have to give you a specific reason why they didn’t issued a visa but when somebody is denied based on section 214B we commonly refer to this for a reason lack of ties to the home country.

And so what can you do about it? Well, typical a person that has been denied a tourist visa based on section 214B can do several things. First of all you can always reapply when things have changed. So if you feel that a consular officer is not giving you a fair chance, you can immediately reapply and argue a case. If you do feel that you do not have enough documents to support ties like … your job is not even a year, you don’t have any assets, maybe wait another six months and reapply.

The good thing about 214B denial is that you can reapply and that’s the people that apply three, four times and eventually get that visa. As long as you’re consistent, as long as you’re truthful, never lie, never misrepresent yourself, you will get the tourist visa eventually. Consular officers are task with making sure that people actually going to return to the home country. So if somebody poses a risk, come to the interview without sufficient documents, without any clear plans as to what you’re going to be doing in the US it is highly likely that you will be denied on section 214B.

Again, the best way is to just reapply, bring more documents but all to prove to show that you have a reason to go back. That you are a person with enough sufficient ties in your home country and that will make your application much stronger and you’ll get your tourist visa.

So bottom line, you get denied on 214B, you keep trying to reapply with the correct documents with more proof of ties to your home country.

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