About This Podcast

Thinking creatively about the American immigration system. In this new and exciting series of short Immigration Sounds Bites, Immigration Attorney and podcaster, Jacob Sapochnick, takes the audience on a weekly journey of discovery about Immigration in America.

Listen in on this no-holds-barred look at the current state of our Immigration system, we share stories of inspiring Immigrants, highlight news and current events, and always answer your questions.

You ask, we answer, Simple. All your Immigration Questions, from our Facebook Page, Blog and Emails. The Only Show Where You Create The Content.

Would love to hear from you, email jacob@h1b.biz with any suggestions for the show.

About the host:

My name is Jacob Sapochnick and I am an Immigration Lawyer based in San Diego, California. I have helped thousands of international workers secure work visas in the United States, and counseld many applicants while negotiating with American employers on how to convince these employers to hire them and offer a visa sponsorship.

I grew up in Israel, where I spent half of my life, before moving to the United States, where I still reside today. The reason I moved to San Diego, California, was to pursue a Masters degree in International Law. I arrived as an international student with a visa.

Soon I realized that I really liked California. Hell, who wouldn’t love it here. But I also realized that with a student visa I couldn’t work and time was running out. I also realized that if I will fail to find a Visa sponsor before my student visa ends, I will be forced to depart the United States, and give up on my American Dream. There were so many questions on my mind, but no one to answer my pressing Immigration questions.

Eventually, I was able to land my first job and a Visa Sponsor. I also developed my enterprenurial Bug while working for my first Ameircan Employer and Visa sposnor. I was able to work full time and start and online business teaching other international job seekers how to secure a job in the United States.

Once I became an attorney and started my own Immigration law firm. I have used social media and technology tools to grwo my law firm and serve clients worldwide. Our Facebook community is one of the largest in the world with over 100,000 Fans. We continue to offer knwoledge for free, because we feel that our clients need to know.I continued to focus on helping Immigrants understand the Immigration system, educate and teach people for free, giving them the power of information. Today knowledge is power, the more you know, the more options you create for yourself.

My message is simple, learn and implement. I started this podcast to give you the tools and understanding of the Immigration process in America, to give you the control and the power of knowledge. I want to hear from you not long from today, telling me how well your’e doing in this amazing country of ours, and what steps got you there. I created this podcast to help YOU get the information you need today, answer your questions today. So, what are you waiting for? Ask away, What you say?.